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Just Numbers was born in 2010 as founder Lyndsey Graves was a loan officer who was quickly recognizing the need for accounting services in eastern Colorado. After being a partner in a firm in Wray, CO – the Just Numbers LLC CPA firm was turned into its own business in the fall of 2013 after opening offices in Stratton & Wray, CO.

Communication which is timely and professional is essential to being your business partner. While we may not always be the cheapest solution, we are committed to providing the most personalized, resourceful, and innovative solutions for our clients. This means we are not always behind a desk: our desire to see the operations of our clients and come to your place of business to aide you in making the tax process easier takes our accountants out of the office on a regular basis.

Quote from our founder

Just Numbers prides itself in knowing strip till machines, heifer versus steer calves, and how important harvest time is to its clients. We are a part of the communities we serve and believe in this way of life wholeheartedly.

Lyndsey Graves, CPA

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We are dedicated to using our expertise to provide the highest level of service.

Lyndsey D. Graves, CPA

President & Founder